Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6, 2009
First blog so I'm a little intimidated, but you gotta start sometime and now's my time since I spent the majority of today at a Hands-On Social Media Intensive. Wow, there's so much to learn before my book, Time For Bed, Baby Ted comes out in March 2010. I have loved working with Holiday House Publishing and a big thank you to Pam for being so wonderfully helpful and supportive. Hat's off to Holiday House and a bow to my agent Caryn Wiseman at Andrea Brown Literary Agency for selling my book.

While working with Pam on the flap copy for, Time For Bed, Baby Ted, I wrote my bio and in it I explained that I started writing Children's Picture Books shortly after receiving my first 35 mm camera, because I discovered that I loved writing about the photographs I snapped. Then I sent Pam this photograph of my husband Darrell and baby Cole that inspired me to write Time For Bed, Baby Ted, and she thought it was hilarious. Really, Kay Chorao has captured baby Cole so well in Ted and she never saw the photograph. So I am very excited that Holiday House is going to use this photograph on the flap instead of a picture of me. It's so perfect.

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